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Find the Best NES Emulator and Enjoy Your Favorite Games

Nintendo Entertainment system is already 33 years old, but still, it remains popular among gamers. People love it due to its iconic library of games. But unfortunately, this console is already obsolete. However, you still can enjoy playing your favorite games thanks to the features of the Nintendo emulator.

Today, many NES games are still virtually extinct because of poor lack of availability. But you can easily solve this issue thanks to a free NES emulator. Thanks to the functionality offered by this superb tool, you can enjoy playing absolutely any game! However, you need to choose the right NES emulator that will be compatible with your operating system. In this comprehensive review, you’ll find a few valuable pieces of advice on how to choose the best emulator and finally start playing your favorite NES games.

Choose Your Best Nintendo Emulator PC

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing your emulator is the operating system of your computer. Some platforms are compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux whereas others run on only one operating system. 

NES Emulator Windows

Let’s review the best emulators for Windows:

The Best NES Emulators for Android

The majority of NES emulators work extremely well, have a wide array of superb options, and customizable controls. If you want to enjoy the gameplay from Android-based devices, these emulators might come in handy:

What Is the Best Emulator for Mac?

If you still can't choose the best NES emulator Mac, the use of these platforms might be the right solution:

Do You Need Bios to Emulate Games?

Bios software is usually stored on a flash memory chip. As a result, the contents can be rewritten without the necessity to remove the chip from the motherboard. Thanks to this option, Bios software can be upgraded.

Some games won't be properly working without Bios. Let's cover the basics: emulators pretend to be the system that they are emulating. However, to do this, they must initialize the fake hardware to turn on the game. To put it simply, the emulator runs as a go-between. It usually comes with a default Bios file that can properly work for the majority of games. However, you may find a game, which doesn't work with the default file. So you need to download them separately. So if necessary, you can visit our website and find Bios files there.