File name Rating Size
1964 3,8 1.4MB
Apollo 4,1 273.9KB
CoolN64 4,4 0.0B
Corn 4,0 95.0KB
DaedalusX 3,7 6.8MB
MegaN64 3,8 0.0B
Mupen64 3,9 2.0MB
Mupen64 AE 3,6 0.0B
Mupen64++ 4,1 4.0MB
Mupen64Plus 3,3 5.9MB
Mupen64Plus 4,0 1.7MB
N64oid 3,9 879.7KB
Nemu64 3,8 0.0B
Project64 4,4 2.0MB
SixtyForce 3,8 780.7KB
SupraHLE 3,7 2.3MB
TR64 4,2 44.9KB
TRWin 4,1 117.9KB
UltraHLE 4,5 208.3KB
UltraHLE 2064 3,8 0.0B

N64 Emulator - Choose the Best One for Yourself

Nintendo 64 needs no introduction. The first version of this game console saw the world in 1996 and still, it remains popular among gamers. When analyzing the number of features, we should mention that this console was more powerful than Sony Playstation but it always lagged in sales.

The greatest benefit of this system is that it is properly emulated. This means that gamers can play so well-known games like Turok, Zelda or Goldeneye thanks to a good N64 emulator.

The main mission of the Nintendo 64 emulator is to allow a console-released game to be played on a personal computer of a player. To put it simply it mimics the functionality on the original console and provides a player with the possibility to enjoy the game on a computer. 

The choice of N64 emulator free is huge today; you just need to choose the one which meets your demands and will be compatible with your operating system.

Although Nintendo 64 emulators have been available for a few years, not all of them are perfect. Some of them are fairly inaccurate and can’t play all the games. That’s why there’s no one multi-featured solution that will work in all the cases. Remember that some games may properly work with one emulator whereas others need another one. That’s why you should keep a few emulators at hand.

N64 Emulator PC

We can see that the video gaming industry is gradually moving forward. Even if you don’t have N64, you can enjoy the gameplay with the help of emulators. Check the list of the best N64 Emulator Windows and choose the best one for yourself:

N64 Emulators for Android

If you are currently looking for the best N64 emulator Android, these tools might come in handy:

Mega N64. This is probably the most widely used emulator for Android-based devices. It has more than 900,000 users and a good rating. The game load is fast and most of them run without any glitches.

N64 Emulators for Mac

If you use Mac OS, choose your N64 Emulator Mac.

However, you should bear in mind that in order to emulate some consoles, the system’s Bios is needed. A lot depends on the game you wish to play and the emulator you use. If necessary, you can download the required Bios file (Phoenix, SETUP, AMI, AWARD) from our website.