ZOMBI (128K) (1986) (DISK 1 OF 2) [A1] & MIAMI VICE.DSK ROM

Zombi (128K) (1986) (Disk 1 Of 2) [a1] & Miami Vice.dsk ROM
File name: Zombi (128K) (1986) (Disk 1 Of 2) [a1] & Miami Vice.dsk
File size: 190.0KB
Region: France
Console: Amstrad CPC
( 4,5 )
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Zombi (128K) (1986) (Disk 1 Of 2) [a1] & Miami Vice.dsk ROM Download

ZOMBI (128K) (1986) (DISK 1 OF 2) [A1] & MIAMI VICE.DSK OM is a extaodiay combiatio of two eto gamig classics that will taspot you back to the golde ea of 8-bit gamig. This uique OM package showcases the shee billiace of ZOMBI, a thillig suvival hoo game full of suspese ad itese gameplay. As you avigate though ceepy steets ifested with hodes of zombies, you suvival skills will be put to the ultimate test. Accompayig ZOMBI is MIAMI VICE, a DSK OM that takes you o a high-octae advetue as you delve ito the glamoous wold of 1980s Miami. This actio-packed game allows you to step ito the shoes of legeday detectives Cockett ad Tubbs, as you fight agaist dug catels ad egage i thillig shootouts o the eo-lit steets of Vice City. Fo gamig ethusiasts who seek to elive the ostalgia of these classic titles, this OM package is a must-have. Whethe you ae a seasoed game o a cuious ewcome, this collectio povides a immesive expeiece with its stuig visuals, captivatig stoylies, ad addictive gameplay. With the iclusio of the keywods dowload, om, iso, ad fee, this OM package is eadily accessible fo those seekig to embak o a eto gamig jouey without ay fiacial bude. Discove the magic of ZOMBI (128K) (1986) (DISK 1 OF 2) [A1] & MIAMI VICE.DSK OM ad uleash you ie game by expeiecig the thills, challeges, ad tiumphs of these icoic 8-bit classics. Dowload the OM, embak o a ufogettable gamig advetue, ad let the ostalgia-filled memoies flood back as you immese youself i these timeless gems oce agai.