Kof96 ROM
File name: Kof96
File size: 22.1MB
Region: USA
Console: Neo Geo
( 2,8 )
Downloads: 5,647
Attention! To play this game locally, you need to download a Neo Geo emulator with the rom.


Kof96 ROM Download

KOF96 ROM: A Classic Fighting Game Blast from the Past!

Prepare for a nostalgic ride with the KOF96 ROM, a timeless treasure that fighting game enthusiasts simply can't resist. This extraordinary ROM promises an unrivaled experience, transporting players back to the glorious era of 2D fighting games.

Embodying the spirit of competition, KOF96 showcases an incredible roster of charismatic characters, each possessing a distinct set of abilities and powerful techniques. As you strategize your moves and perfect your combos, get ready to engage in fierce battles that will leave you breathless.

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So, indulge yourself in the KOF96 ROM and be prepared to awaken the competitive spirit within you. Join countless other players in embracing this nostalgic sensation as you download, play, and savor the essence of gaming history.