Nintendo ROMs

Game title Rating Size
Donkey Kong (JU) 3,8 16.1KB
Mega Man 2 4,0 132.0KB
Prince Of Persia 4,2 73.3KB
Super Mario Bros 3 - Fun Edition (SMB3 Hack) 3,6 223.0KB
Ghosts'n Goblins 4,1 56.7KB
Paperboy 3,9 30.3KB
110-in-1 4,0 1.8MB
Mega Man 2 [T-Port] 4,8 132.3KB
Mega Man 5 4,0 261.5KB
Mario 7-in-1 (Mapper 52) 4,7 962.8KB
Legend Of Zelda, The - Special Edition (Hack) 4,3 64.1KB
ZZZ UNK Super Mario Bros 3 - Lost Levels 4,5 223.1KB
Skate Or Die! 4,3 85.0KB
Captain Tsubasa [T-Eng] 3,3 158.9KB
Balloon Fight 4,0 15.5KB
Ninja Gaiden 2 - The Dark Sword Of Chaos 3,7 163.2KB
Battle City 3,7 15.2KB
Rambo 4,0 66.9KB
Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen [hFFE] 4,1 121.9KB
Duck Hunt (VS) 4,1 26.9KB


The Read-only Memory or ROM(s) as fondly called is a kind of non-volatile memory used mainly in computers and most electronic devices, including radio sets, headsets, MP3s, etc. ROMs are distinctive because data stored on them cannot be altered after the ROM has been developed. ROMs come in very handy for manufacturers because they can securely store delicate data on an electronic device or any part of the software in which they do not want its users to tamper with or alter. For example, a program that manages your TV set, stack programs as well as the settings on your mobile device, software on video game consoles, and many others.

Video game data are usually stored on ROMs; this way, the original program that runs the game remains intact from console to console and keeps it from being modified by users. This, however, has its own deficiencies; for example; since game ROMs are usually designed specifically for their respective consoles, it is not possible to play those video games on any other device other than its own console. However, with custom ROMs like NES ROMs (Nintendo ROMs), PlayStation ROMs, etc, and the use of their various game Emulators for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux it is possible to play all of your favorite video games on your Android device, iPhone, PC, Tablet, iPod, iPad, etc. You can even download Xbox ROMs, NES ROMs, or get Free NES ROMs, or NES classic ROMs for your current device and play all your favorite video games anytime!


The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is an 8-bit third-generation home video gaming console developed and marketed by Nintendo. NES was a remodeled export version of Nintendo’s Family Computer (FC) platform in Japan popularly known as Famicom which was launched on July 15, 1983. The console presented gamers the ability to play popular arcade games such as Donkey Kong on home television sets, and for this, it was very widely received. Soon the United States was in negotiation with the Japanese company to bring the console to the USA. In 1985, the NES system hit the United States and was warmly received. In February 1986, Nintendo added a number of what became very famous titles to the NES console including Duck Haunt, Hogan’s Alley, and the award-winning Super Mario Bros! Following the outstanding success of these titles, over 60 million units of the NES console were released and distributed by several companies, and sold worldwide. 

NES continued to make remarkable sales and popularity because of its strength of a huge library of interesting, sensational, and addictive games. “Super Mario and Luigi” became the face of the Nintendo NES franchise and typically developed several sequels as fans never seemed to have enough of the excitement from playing Super Mario. Soon other titles followed the footsteps of Super Mario including the likes of; The Legend of Zelda, and a good number of others. As 16-bit game consoles began to surface the video gaming scene, the NES system began to fade away slowly. However, NES ROMs (especially titles like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and all their sequels) are all still sorted-after till date and continue to make millions of downloads worldwide.


Thankfully, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or NES as it is fondly called has a rich gallery of custom ROMs of all your favorite NES games. Some of the best NES ROMs from the Nintendo trademark include big titles like Super Mario Bros NES, the Legend of Zelda NES, contra, Castlevania, Metroid, Tetris NES, Kirby's adventure, Donkey Kong NES, final fantasy NES and a host of several others.


To play any of the ROMs on your current Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux device, you, first of all, have to download the recommended compatible NES Emulator for that device. Fortunately, Nintendo’s Super Entertainment system is not only rich with an awesome array of interesting adventure, arcade, strategy, and action-packed games, etc, but thankfully also, there is a long list of emulators with which you could play and enjoy the original Nintendo experience from your Android device, iPhone, tablet, iPod, PC, or Mac device conveniently anywhere, anytime! Fceux, Jnes, Nestopia, My Nes, and MarioNES are all great NES Emulators for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices. Some other really cool NES emulators include:


There are several emulators out there that support NES ROMs. However, each emulator has their specific device(s) which they support. For these reasons, you should be careful to download only the emulators that are compatible with your current device. Android devices will only support NES ROMs for Android. The same thing applies to iOS, Windows, and so on.

We will now discuss the best NES emulators for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc. So let’s get started!

iOS Supported SNES Emulators:

Here is a list of the best recommended Mac/iOS supported NES emulators for your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod:

Android Supported SNES Emulators:

These are some of the best NES Emulators compatible with any Android device. All the emulators on this list support Android 4 (kitkat) and other newer versions of Android. Some of them also support older Android versions too. Let’s check them out:

Windows Supported SNES Emulators:

Below are some of the best Windows supported NES emulators for your windows device. Each of these emulators support both older and newer versions of Windows respectively.

Linux Supported SNES Emulators:

These are some of the best Linux supported NES Emulators there are. This list will surely give you a seamless NES experience on your Linux device.