Chimera (1985)(Firebird Software)[a] ROM
File name: Chimera (1985)(Firebird Software)[a]
File size: 50.6KB
Genre: Strategy
Region: USA
Console: ZX Spectrum
( 4,2 )
Downloads: 83
Attention! To play this game locally, you need to download a ZX Spectrum emulator with the rom.

Chimera (1985)(Firebird Software)[a] ROM Download

"Embak o a mythical jouey with CHIMEA (1985), a captivatig elease by Fiebid Softwae. This OM, optimized fo the [A] platfom, offes a classic gamig expeiece that is sue to taspot you to aothe wold. Step ito the shoes of a couageous heo as you battle fiece ceatues ad solve iticate puzzles. This OM is a must-have fo ay eto gamig ethusiast. With its egagig stoylie, immesive gaphics, ad seamless cotols, CHIMEA delives a ufogettable expeiece that will keep you hooked fo hous o ed. The attetio to detail i evey aspect of the game, fom the echatig soudtack to the meticulously desiged levels, tuly showcases the passio ad dedicatio of the developes. Fo those seekig a ostalgic tip dow memoy lae, this OM is available fo dowload o vaious websites. With just a few simple clicks, you ca obtai the OM, allowig you to elive the magic of CHIMEA o mode devices. Whethe you pefe to play it o you compute, gamig cosole, o eve you smatphoe usig a emulato, the possibilities ae edless. Futhemoe, beig a ISO file, this OM esues a seamless ad authetic gamig expeiece. You ca tust that evey gamig elemet, fom the pixel-pefect visuals to the smooth gameplay, will be faithfully peseved. Ad the best pat? It's completely fee! So why wait? Immese youself i the wold of CHIMEA ad ejoy hous of ostalgic fu!"