Pokemon - Black Version 2 (frieNDS) ROM
File name: Pokemon - Black Version 2 (frieNDS)
File size: 77.7MB
Genre: Role Playing
Region: USA
Console: Nintendo DS
Rating: 4,5
Downloads: 2,030,482
Attention! To play this game locally, you need to download a Nintendo DS emulator with the rom.


Pokémon Black 2 stands as a testament to the enduring popularity of the Pokémon franchise, offering trainers a captivating journey through the Unova region. As we celebrate the magic of Pokémon, we're thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for fans to download Pokémon Black Version 2 ROM for free directly from our website. Join us as we explore the highlights of this iconic game and unlock the door to a world of Pokémon adventures!

Pokémon Black 2 Overview

Released in 2012 for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Black 2 follows the success of its predecessors, introducing trainers to an updated Unova region with new challenges, characters, and of course, an expanded Pokédex. With a fresh storyline set two years after the events of Pokémon Black, this sequel invites players to embark on an epic quest to become the Unova region's Pokémon Champion.

Key Features

Expanded Unova Region: Pokémon Black 2 reintroduces players to the Unova region, providing both familiar and new locations to explore. The dynamic landscapes and diverse environments add depth to the gaming experience.

New Characters and Gym Leaders: Meet new friends and rivals as you navigate the world of Pokémon Black 2. The gym leaders have evolved, offering a renewed challenge for trainers seeking to prove their skills and earn badges.

Legendary Pokémon and Hidden Grottoes: Uncover legendary Pokémon and discover hidden grottoes throughout the region. These hidden areas offer a chance to encounter rare Pokémon and enhance your team with powerful additions.

PWT (Pokémon World Tournament): Engage in thrilling battles at the Pokémon World Tournament, where you can face off against iconic trainers from previous generations. It's a nostalgic celebration of Pokémon battles!

Exclusive Pokémon Black Version 2 ROM Download

To make your Pokémon Black 2 adventure even more exciting, we are delighted to offer fans the chance to download the Pokémon Black Version 2 ROM for free, directly from our website. Immerse yourself in the Unova region, capture new Pokémon, and experience the thrill of becoming a Pokémon Champion at your own pace.

As you embark on your journey in Pokémon Black 2, don't miss the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience by downloading the Pokémon Black Version 2 ROM for free from our website. Let the nostalgia and excitement of the Pokémon world captivate you once again. Get ready to catch 'em all and become the ultimate Pokémon Master!